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 „Swisslion“ company was founded in 1997, and now it represents one of the leading multinational companies in Balkan region, containing manufacturing business units in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, trading branches in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland and with over 7000 employees. Portfolio of the Swisslion Takovo business system contains production of confectionary products, baby food, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, soups, pastas, ice-creams and processed meat products.

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Values That We Cherish

For decades business system Swisslion Takovo bases its business upon values that it cherishes – care for people as well as socially responsible business. That is why business system Swisslion Takovo represents a desirable employer and business partner in areas in which it does business, innovation starter and a manufacturer with a trustworthy product quality.

We’ve Been Developing For Over 20 Years

Made-In-Serbia Brands Present Around The Globe, From Japan To The US, And  Sold Under Serbian Brands, Through World’s Largest Supermarket Chains

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