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Supplier - Sunflower Oil, Ukraine 101

High-Quality Supplier of Refined Sunflower Oil with the following info:

  1. Refined Sunflower Oil
  2. Minimum order: 500 MT
  3. Price: 850$ FCA
  4. Origin: Ukraine

You can contact us at any moment, we will give you proper up to date calculation.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, Ukraine 105

We are ready to supply refined sunflower oil with the following info:

  1. Bulk REFINED Sunflower Oil – RFSO, 100% pure. 🌻 Price is ____$/MT, Odessa FOB
  2. Bulk unREFINED Sunflower Oil – non-RFSO, 100% pure. Price is ____$/MT, Odessa FOB
  3. 1ltr PET (15bottles in box) 🌻 RFSO, 100% pure. Price is ____$/l Odessa FOB. (Min order 40’HC = 27mt)
  4. 5ltr PET 🌻 RFSO, 100% pure. Price is ____$ Odessa FOB. (Min order 40’HC = 27mt) 1ltr PET (15bottles in box) 🌻 refined CORN Oil, 100% pure. Price is ____$/l Odessa FOB. (Min order 40’HC = 27mt)
  5. Dry-powder milk CXC FFMP 28/25 (28%fat and 25% protein). 100% pure. =____ $/MT. Price is FCA Lutsk Ukraine. Bags with private label in 25kg w/out pallets. 🌻
  6. Dry-powder milk CXC FFMP 28/15 (28%fat and 15% protein). 100% pure. =____ $/MT. Price is FCA Lutsk Ukraine. Bags in 25kg w/out pallets.🌻
  7. Packaging in 400Gram Can (Tinned) is possible but requires additional calculation. 🌻
  8. All above prices are given for initial order of one 40’DV container (25mt -27mt). Contract prices are negotiable after trial pilot lot delivery and will depend on amount.🌻

Upon request we can provide you 110% cargo insurance ICC C (Total Loss and General Average coverage) and ICC A (All Risks coverage).

We can also offer you an independent quality control of the final product and the loading by SGC.

Insurance 110%= 320$

SGS service approx. 580$ (depending on analyses type)

In order to secure our customers, now the payment is only directly with our Ukrainian factory official bank account according to the contract terms:

  • 30% advance payment + 70% before B/L.
  • Please be advised that we are not able to confirm any A/O, D/P or L/C for below purchase at present moment.

Samples are available by DHL on request.

You can contact us at any moment, we will give you proper up to date calculation.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 104

We deliver products on FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB, CFR, and CIF shipment terms, according to Incoterms 2010, as well as GAFTA and FOSFA for vessel shippings.

Agricultural products are grown in clean regions of Ukraine using innovative technologies focused on growing of high quality crops that meet international standards. All of our products are certified.

Wheat flour, edible sunflower oil, wheat bran pellets, sunflower meal is 100% free from coloring material, flavors, anti-oxidant, antifoaming agents or anti-crystallization agents.

Please Have a Look the Offer => Ukraine-Oils – 4

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 103

We are pleased to enclose price list and specification.   – Terms of payment: 30 % advance, 70 % – against copy original BL and all shipping documents. Shelf life: 24 months.

Export Price:

Volume (L) Terms of Delivery 0,84L 1L 1,8L Fflat 1,8L 5L
FCA 0,74$ 0,86$ 1,58$ 1,63$ 4,20$
FOB (Odessa) 0,77$ 0,89$ 1,66$ 1,69$  4,36$

Additional Information:

Characteristics: 0,84L 1L 1,8L 5L
Bottle Weight 770g 920g 1660g 4600g
Number of bott. / In the box, pcs. 15 15 6 3
Number of boxes / In the container, pcs. 1 850 1 750 2 425 1 750
Number of bott. / In the container, pcs. 27 750 26 250 14 550 5 250

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Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 107

Country of origin Ukraine – the World leader of production of sunflower oil.

Every second bottle of sunflower oil selling in the world,  made in Ukraine, or produced from Ukrainian raw materials (sunflower seeds or crude sunflower oil). The plant is located in the south of Ukraine. 🌻

The  stage of production:

  • Oil Pressing Plant 

Sunflower oil is cold  pressed. This method which entails minimal processing, produces a natural light, flavorful oil suitable for all cooking needs. Sunflower oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, pressing and extracting crude oil from them for further refining. The seeds we use to make oil are inspected and graded after harvest, and the fat content of the incoming seeds is measured. For the best oil, seeds are not stored at all, or for only a very short time and only high quality seeds ae used.

  • Refining  deodorized plant 

For improvement of consumer characteristics unrefined sunflower oil has the process of freezing out after pressing. During this process wax comprising substances remove.

Unrefined frozen out sunflower oil processes the full process of refining, which provides a maximum possible shelf life, transparency and a lack of taste. The sunflower oil has a neutral taste. Our sunflower oil matches standards in all aspects such as color, taste and viscosity. It is free of impurities and meet the demands placed upon it for use in cooking.

  • Bottling plant 

Refined, deodorized, frozen sunflower oil supplied to the conveyor for bottling.

The main requirements for filling bottles for cooking oil are as follows:

– Lightweight packaging. It is necessary to find the best compromise between an extremely light weight and mechanical strength to withstand the loads on the production line during filling, handling, storage and transportation to end Buyer.

We offer Private Labels for our clients and different design of bottles. Each of our client  supermarket chains, distributors, importers receive individual product according to the required brand and design. Our client oriented approach will help to make your brand successful.

Attractive labels, unique – Ergonomic shape of the bottle, designed for a good identification of the product and attract the attention of consumers.

The number of pieces in a box:

  • 0.84 liter (770gr) – 15 pcs in box
  • 1 liter (920gr) – 15 pcs in box
  • 1,8 liter (1650gr) – 6 pcs in box
  • 5 liter (4600gr) – 3 pcs in box
  • Loading the container 20′ foot
  • 1 liter – 1000 boxes (Gross weight 14700 kg. Net weight 13800 kg)
  • 1,8 liter – 1385 boxes (Gross weight 14659 kg. Net weight 13762 kg)
  • 5 liter – 1000 boxes (Gross weight 14700 kg. Net weight 13800 kg)

Loading the container 40′ foot:

  • 0.84 liter – 1980 boxes (Gross weight 23463 kg. Net. Weight 22869kg)
  • 1 liter – 1690 boxes (Gross weight 24843 kg. Net weight 23332kg)
  • 1,8 liter – 2360 boxes (Gross weight 24979 kg. Net weight 23449kg)
  • 5 liter – 1690 boxes (Gross weight 24843 kg. Net weight 23332kg)

Supporting documents for the consignment:

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificat of origin Ukraine or EU (Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Certificate of manufacturer.
  • Chemical analysis (Center standartmetrologii)
  • Non GMO (Center standartmetrologii)

FCA Kherson Ukraine 

  • 0.84L Bottle – ____ USD PCS
  • 1L Bottle – ____USD PCS
  • 1.8L Bottle ( round ) – ____USD PCS
  • 1.8L Bottle ( flat ) – ____USD PCS
  • 5L Bottle – ____USD PCS

FOB Odessa Ukraine (The price at the loading in 40′ container) 

  • 0.84L Bottle – ____USD PCS
  • 1L Bottle – ____1USD PCS
  • 1.8L Bottle (round)  – ____USD PCS
  • 1.8L Bottle ( flat ) – ____USD PCS
  • 5L Bottle – ____USD PCS

Bulk refined deodorized sunflower oil: 

  • FCA Kherson Ukraine – ____$ per ton
  • FOB Odessa Ukraine – ____$ per ton (bulk in Flexitank)
  • MOQ ( Minimum Order ) Private Label : One container 40′ feet , one type of bottle .

Payment method:

  • 30% prepayment
  • 70% again document

For more info please contact us.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 108

Find below our quotation:

PRODUCT: Sunflower Oil (SFO). 🌻 PRICE: $310 USD Per Metric Ton CIF TYPE: Refined, Winterized, Deodorized & Bleached. ORIGIN: Ukraine. STANDARDS: Ukrainian Standard DSTU 4492:2005, International standard, EU Standard. QUALITY: Fit for human consumption, free from foreign matter, any other oil or animal fats. COLOR: Light yellow, clear and transparent. ODOR: Neutral odor, without any artificial odor. VISIBILITY: Without any deposition and blurriness. TASTE: Free from rancidity or any strange or bad taste and smell. SHELF LIFE: 24 months. SUPPLY ABILITY: Up to 20,000 MT / Month

SPECIFICATION: See It Here => Sunflower_Oil_Specification

PACKAGING TYPES: 0.5L, 1L, 1.8L, 3L, 5L PET Bottles, 10L, 20L, 25L Jerry cans and Flexi Tank. Or as per buyer’s request.​ ​Private Labeling accepted for all language text. MINIMUM TRIAL ORDER: 1 x 40’FCL (27 MT) SUPPLY ABILITY: 20,000 MT / Month. PORT OF LOADING: Odessa Port. DELIVERY TIME: 6 – 8 days within Europe and 14 – 18 days for clients out of Europe.

PAYMENT TERMS: T/T 30% T/T against confirmation of order & proforma invoice, 40% after receipt of b/l and other shipping documents and balance 30% after confirmation of goods at destination port.

NOTE: WE DO NOT WORK ON LC or any negotiable payment terms for first clients. We only negotiate terms after executing first order.🌻

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 111

We can quote the following:
Goods – Refined deodorized winterized sunflower oil.
Tare – 0.88L (0.810 kg), 1L(0.920kg), 4.8L(4.450kg), 5L(4.600kg) PET bottles.
Terms of payment – 20% payment in 3 days after the contract, 80% advanced payment in two day before loading at our factory or LC at sight.
Shipment period – 15th July/15th of August 2018.
Quantity – 200MT
Terms of delivery – CIF Your destination, country.

0,88L – ___ USD per bottle (15 bottles per carton/ 30510 bottles per 40ft container)
1L – ___ USD per bottle (15 bottles per carton/ 27030 bottles per 40ft container)
4.8L – ____ USD per bottle (3 or 4 bottles per carton/ 5676 bottles per 40ft container)
5L – ____ USD per bottle (3 or 4 bottles per carton/ 5676 bottles per 40ft container)

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 112

We are ready to supply refined sunflower oil with the following terms:

Goods: Refined sunflower oil, packed.

Packaging: 1 litter PET with 15 bottles in a cardboard box with information symbols indicated by the Buyer.

Origin: Ukraine.


  • When stored and transported under appropriate conditions, the guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Store in a closed dark place at a temperature between + 8 ° C and + 25 ° C.
  • Compliance with the quality requirements of DSTU 4492: 2005 is guaranteed under conditions of storage and transportation.
  • The oil meets the requirements of DSTU 4492: 2005 “Sunflower oil., Technical conditions”, Ukraine.

Additional Information: 

Qualitative characteristics of refined sunflower seeds, have a look here: Specification

Amount: 500 MT per month, X 12 months. Perhaps an increase in the number and extension of the delivery of goods.


  • 40-foot sea container, CIF – Sea Port Your destination, country.
  • Refrigerator 20 tons, CPT – the city of Your destination, country.


Option A – Supply of goods with a 40-foot sea container, FOB (Incoterms 2010):

  • _____ USD / 0,84 L / FOB Odessa sea port, Ukraine.
  • _____ USD / 1,0 L / FOB Odessa sea port, Ukraine.

Option B – Supply of goods with a 40-foot sea container, CIF Your destination (Incoterms 2010):

  • ____ USD / 0.84 L / CIF Your destination, country.
  • ____ USD / 1.0 L / CIF Your destination, country.

Option C – Delivery of goods by TIP refrigerator, CPT (Incoterms 2010):

  • ____ USD / 0.84 L / CPT Your destination, country.
  • ____ USD / 1.0 L / CPT Your destination, country. 

Private Label: 

  • We are ready, to paste the buyer’s label on PET bottles.
  • A brand / logo is also applied to the bottle cap of PET. Do you need to put a customer’s TM on the lid, let us know.
  • Do you need to put a logo on cardboard boxes with bottles of PET refined sunflower oil, let us know.
  • Labels for marking PET bottles with Private Label sunflower oil, it is necessary to produce at least 500 MT for a batch.
  • Labels must be made in advance.
  • Manufacture of labels Private Label, the buyer pays in advance, an advance payment.

Payment for goods: We offer to pay for the goods, in two parts:

  • First payment 50% payment (MT-103) prepayment 7 working days before the shipment starts.
  • The second payment is 50% payment (MT-103) upon delivery of the goods to the port of destination (FOB terms or conditions FCA), against the provision of shipping documents (customs declaration, maritime bill of lading or CMR, TIR carnet, etc.).

At the buyer’s request, the quality and quantity of the vegetable oil supplied can be confirmed by an independent SGS inspection. Payment for quality control and quantity inspection by SGS is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

We are ready to negotiate. Contact us, we will give you proper up to date calculation & prices.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 115

Technical detail: Refined Sunflower Oil

Origin: Ukraine

Destination: As buyer demands

Price: 600 USD/MT

Quantity: As buyer demands MT

Delivery schedule and Dates: Delivery shall commence maximum 20 days after advance payment have been confirmed Incoterm 2010: As buyer demands. Packaging: As buyer demands.

Payments: 50% TT against proforma invoice, for operational cost and logistics, 25%TT against Bill of Lading and other documents and certificates before vessel departure. Balance 25%TT to be paid upon arrival of goods/ vessel at buyer’s destination port. 🌻


  1. Buyer issues LOI or ICPO along with full banking coordinates. Seller reviews the LOI and other document upon acceptance issues the Draft contract for the Buyer to review and accept.
  2. After Buyer signs and seals the draft contract and agrees with the terms, returns the contract to SELLER and their full banking coordinates confirming all information needed.
  3. SELLER issues final copy of the Main contract for final signing and sealing by the BUYER.
  4. After the contract is signed and sealed by both parties, Buyer sends a copy of the signed contract to his bank and all banking procedures are ready. The Buyer initiates the 50% advance payment for processing the order, provide seller with Swift copy of the transfer acknowledging transfer of funds.
  5. Finally the delivery and shipment begin after all the procedures between parties are authorized by finalizing the contract with specified terms and conditions.


Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 116
Sunflower oil is the compressed from sunflower seeds and it was first industrially produced in 1835 in the Russian Empire. The worlds largest sunflower oil producers now are Ukraine, Russia and Argentina.


1. Buyer submits LOI allowing soft probe or LOI & BCL.

2. Seller issues FCO.

3. Buyer returns signed and stamped FCO.

4. Seller issues Contract with full banking.

5. Buyer and Seller sign and exchange contracts

6. First payment: 30% prepayment against pro forma invoice at order time

7. Second payment: 40% payment after loading, against B/L Copy.

8. Last Payment: 30% payment upon arrival destination of goods at buyer’s destination.

All Procedure and documentation will be as per ICC 600 / UCP 600 Int’l Trading Norms. Seller’s signed commercial invoice + 2 copies indicating the description of goods, quantity (gross and net Weights), unit price, total value, contract number and invoice number.

Packing List: One original and two copies (1+2) SGS certification at the loading place in original, with the weight / quantity / condition and quality of the goods as per contract (one original).

Certificate of Origin (one original and one copies) issued and endorsed by the local Chamber of Commerce from the Country of Origin.

SGS certification at the arrival place in original, with the weight / quantity / condition and quality of the goods as per contract (one original). Phytosanitary Certificate & Health Certificate Copy of quality certifications of the refinery One (1) copy of the EURO 1 Certificate

The terms and prices are negotiable.

Contact Us! Have a look the list of Sunflower Oil => Sunflower Oil

Supplier - Sunflower Oil, 117
PRODUCT: Crude and Refined Sunflower Oil
Packing: Bulk / 200kg (200kg Iron Drum) / Flexitank
Payment: 100% LC at sight
Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000MT
Maximum Order Quantity: 100,000MTProduct: Crude sunflower oil for human consumption – Origin: Ukraine (Europe)Specifications:DSTU 4492:2005
Colour (Gardner): 13 max
Acid Value, mg /g: 4,0 max
Mass content of phosphoric matters: 0,60%, max
Water and volatile matter: 0,20%, max
Impurities: 0,10%, max
Peroxide value, 1/2 O mmol /kg: 7,0 maxQuantity: To buyer’s choice.

Date of loading: within 30-45 days after receipt and verification of the Buyer’s DLC, according to the quantity.

Certificate of quality: The material will be certified for SGS, Intertek or other

Delivery: FOB port of Mariupol (Ukraine).

Contract: 12 months and may be extended by mutual agreement.

Packaging: Bulk.

Payment terms: Secured by 100% Irrevocable and Transferable Letter of Credit (TDLC) At sight and issued by First Class Bank in favor of Seller per each chipment.

– The delivery will be CNF (Cost & Freight) to your port with the animal feed.
– The payment is with the LC at sight.
– We can extend the contract from1-5 years.

If you are interested in our animal feed, we need your LOI with the quantity and type that you need, and we send you very fast our draft contract & draft L/C.

Contact Us For More Info.

Supplier - Sunflower Oil UK

Sunflower Oil from UK.

Contact Us For More Info.

Cotton Oil / Corn Oil / Canola Oil / Mustard Oil / Palm Oil / Olive Oil / Jatropha Oil / Peanut Oil / Rapeseed Oil / Used Cooking Oil / Sesame Oil / Soybean Oil


Cotton seed Oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and contains a moderate level of saturates. It is also high in tocopherols (Vitamin E). Vegetable oils with a lower level of saturates (e.g. Canola, Sunflower) are used in most culinary applications except deep frying, where Cottonseed Oil is a popular choice.

Have a look the list of Cotton Oil => Cotton Oils


Corn oil (maize oil) is oil extracted from the germ of corn (maize). Its main use is in cooking, where its high smoke point makes refined corn oil a valuable frying oil. It is also a key ingredient in some margarines.

Have a look the list of Corn Oil => Corn Oil


Canola refers to both an edible oil (also known as canola oil) produced from the seed of any of several varieties of the rape plant, and to those plants, namely a cultivar of either rapeseed or field mustard/turnip rape). Consumption of the oil is common and, unlike rapeseed, does not cause harm in humans and livestock.

Have a look the list of Canola Oil => Canola Oil


Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the soybean (Glycine max). It is one of the most widely consumed cooking oils. As a drying oil, processed soybean oil is also used as a base for printing inks (soy ink) and oil paints.

Have a look the list of Soybean Oil => Soybean Oil


Mustard Oil is the ultimate cooking medium extracted from best mustard seeds. The oil is best used in stir-frying and salad dressings. Vimal Mustard Oil has a long shelf like making it a good choice amongst homemakers for myriad culinary uses. Packed at our state-of-the-art Plant makes it the most preferred edible oil.

Have a look the list of Mustard Oil => Mustard Oil


Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the oil palms Palm oil is naturally reddish in color because of a high beta-carotene content. Palm mesocarp oil is 41% saturated. Far East countries are main producing countries.

Have a look the list of Palm Oil => Palm Oil


Widely used in Mediterranean countries, olive oil is a highly valuable and expensive oil and is well known for its health and medicinal benefits. It is prized primarily as it is the best and healthiest type of oil. Olive oil is considered good for the heart and it is primarily helpful in keeping the heart and arteries in shape. Frequently referred to in the Bible and other ancient historical texts, it is today high in demand because it is a healthier choice. It is a staple part of Mediterranean cuisine and therefore is a significant crop in agriculture of the area.

With the popularisation of Italian and other Mediterranean cuisine around the world and the knowledge of the health benefits of olive oil, there is an increased demand for it and this has pushed up its value. The olive tree is widely cultivated throughout this region. In the ancient times, the Greeks presented the olive leaves to the athletes at the Olympic games as it was believed that this would increase the physical ability of those who used it and that its powers were easily transferable to its users.

Green olives and black olives are two kinds of olives. They are washed thoroughly in water to remove oleuropein, a bitter carbohydrate. Sometimes they are also soaked in a solution of sodium hydroxide in order to accelerate the process. Olive trees are now grown around the world in South Africa, Chile, Australia, Mediterranean Basin, Israel, Palestine, Spain, California, New Zealand ,Ukraine and in Argentina.

Packing and loading
35 Lb. Containers

60 containers per pallet
2,200 lbs. ship weight
20 pallets per truckload
1 Gallon Plastics
6×1: 45 cases per pallet
4×1: 60 cases per pallet
2,200 lbs. ship weight
20 pallets per truckload
6×1 Gallon: 50 cases per pallet
4×3 Liter: 90 cases per pallet
2,600 lbs. ship weight
20 pallets per truckload
55 Gallon Drums
4 drums per pallet
1,900 lbs. ship weight
22 pallets per truckload
275 Gallon Totes
1 tote per pallet
2,400 lbs. ship weight
20 pallets per truckload


Jatropha Oil is produced from the seeds of Jatropha Curcas, a plant that is very toxic to humans and other living things. Therefore, the oil extracted from jatropha seeds is used primarily for bio-fuel when it is not refined.
Our Jatropha oil is professionally extracted from Jatropha seeds, and it is carefully processed to prepare high quality oil which people can used for different applications including bio-fuel.

With us, one can stay assured for safe deliveries as we make use of premium material for packaging the lot. Also, we make sure that the material is sourced from the trusted places only. The basic material that we use for the production of the entire range is carefully sourced from the trusted vendors. Moreover, we strictly check the materials against all quality grounds before procurement.


Sesame Seed of high oil content and nutrition are carefully chosen for crushing to get the best quality sesame oil. Natural Sesame oil is derived from cold press and expellers for consistent quality. We also offer refined sesame oil for various industrial applications. We have the capabilities to supply with the desired quantity and in consistent manner.


Peanut Oil Composition
Peanut oil is about 50 percent monounsaturated and 30 percent polyunsaturated. Its major constituents are:

Palmitic Acid
Oleic Acid
Linoleic Acid
Arachidic Acid
Arachidonic Acid
Behenic Acid
Lignoceric Acid
Other Fatty Acids

Peanut oil, also called by the name of arachis oil, is an edible vegetable oil extracted from peanuts. A widely used cooking oil in South Asian and Southeast countries, it is also popular in the western world. This all-purpose oil is known for its distinctive aroma, mild flavour and taste of its parent legume. Its high heat tolerance and high smoke point 450 degrees F (232.22 C)


Rapeseed is the seed of rape plants and the source of edible oil. Cold pressed rapeseed oil has very low levels of saturated fat. It contains 59% mono-unsaturated fats and 30% poly unsaturated fats which contribute in lowering harmful ldl cholesterols.


We package and Used cooking in various quantities, ranging from:

Steel Drum Container – 205L.
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) – 1,000L
Freight Tanker – 25,000L
Our products can be delivered to you, or collected from our premises. Our drums and IBCs comply to safe packaging standards for animal feeds.

We also offer A + B Bulk Tanker Loading if you have your own tanker freight options available.

For IBC shipments, we also offer an IBC returns program – the IBC cost is discounted for any repeat orders on your return of an empty Environmental Oils IBC.

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