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Egypt - FoodEX Economical Group (No.501)

Our main field is cultivation and packing fresh and frozen fruits and most of agriculture products and processing it to meet or exceed international standards and make it ready for export to provide directly to our costumers in all over the world. We offer the best quality products and best prices in our country, very good service via our experience and our good history in field of cultivation and packing. We can provide the entire range of Egyptian fresh fruit and vegetables, as seasons provide. Website:

Address:30 El Wafaa st, Floor No 1, Takseem EL-Ebrahemya El Estad Area, Tanta, Egypt. Phone:002 040 3332801 Fax:002 040 3332801 Sales Manager: Export Manager:

Our company, expanding its product range day-by-day without compromising its quality with 37 years of experience and standing its brand, supplies fresh products to Europe / Far East and Middle East on time. All of our production processes such as garden maintenance, breeding quality products, correct harvesting, storage and shipping are carried out by experts teams with care under control. We are exporting seasonal:

Fruits: Strawberry / Apricots / Nectarines / Peaches / Grapes / Plumps / Cherries / Black and White Figs / Prickly Figs / Pears / Melons / Watermelons / Pomegranates / Quinces /..

Citrus: Lemons / Grapefruits / Mandarins / Oranges / …

Vegetables: Tomatoes / Potatoes / Onions / Leeks / Cucumbers / …

Other products: Dry fruits / Table Eggs / Hand made soap / Turnip Juice / …


Phone : +90 553 051 21 33 WhatsApp : +90 553 051 21 33 Email:
Sri Lanka - MajorF Lifestyle (SL. No.101)

Commencing its operations in international market in mid 2017. we are a company who holds the responsibility of delivering the essence of Sri Lanka toboth local and global market. Apart from our own line of products we work closely with the small and medium scale local businesses to deliver our customers the desired satisfactory product assisting them from beginning to end.  Website:

Gmail: Address : EPZ, Colombo, Sri Lanka T.P : +9411 25411320 Website:
Egypt - PureLife Company (No. 502)

We supply EU compliant conventional & certificated organic – NOP USDA. Also Fair trade Herbs, Medical & Aromatic plants, spices and seeds. Our products have quality assurance such as:

Peppermint – Spearmint – Hibiscus – Chamomile –Lemon grass – Melissa – sage leaves –Rosemary – Thyme – Morina – Mario gold (Calendula ) – Senna leaves – Marjoram –Basil – Parsley – Dill tips – Aniseed –Fennel seeds – Coriander seeds – Caraway seeds – Black seeds – sesame – Fenugreek seeds – Cumin seeds – Licrocie stems –Onion and Garlic.  Website:

CONTACT US Address: 338 Al Haram ST. Giza El-Haram Road Giza, EGYPT. Tel: ( +202) 35850105 Mobile: ( +202) 0100343478 Email:

Whole dates from cultivars Phoenix Dactylifera. Physiologically ripe dates originated from Southern Algeria. The dates were manufactured by dates disconnected, fumigated, graded, cleaned, treated with moist heat, and sweating (dry heat).

Deglett nour processed (conditioned), Deglett nour natural loose, Deglet nour as branches grade A, Dates Algerain mariami lehmira, Dates tamjhout ( jumbo), Dates tafasaouine (ALLIG) For detail information about prices, packages and more please be in touch with us.


CITE EMIR ABDELKADER BAYADHA ELOUED  39004  ALGERIA BAGHDADI AMARA SALES MANAGER MOBILE:+213557385490 Watsapp/viber:+213671510051 Fax: +21332220748

Bénin Republic - ETS XAXA MARKET (No. 101)

We in XAXA Market produce and have for export fresh pineapple send by sea or by air. Our product is 100% green, mature, no Chemical add no pesticide add and 100% bio.

Registre de commerce: RB/PNO/15A2727
Whatsapp : 0022966035997can
Egypt - Medest Fruits (No. 503)

We are leading fresh vegetables and seasonal freshfruits Exporter & ISO9001-2008 Certified company in Egypt. The product we export meet our customers’ exact specifications on time, in the best possible condition, and what customers expect from fresh produce suppliers; which is even the more impressive considering that our company supplies many of the most demanding EU, Fareast , Arab Gulf Countries. Our main products are: Grapes, Potatoes, Red&Golden Onions, Fresh Garlic, Scata Watermelon and White Beans. Are available now!

Kindly let us know the details of your requirements, so that we can give you our price & proposal.

Medest Fruits

Egypt - ANB GROUP (No. 504)

The Company is a leader on Egypt and international markets and is one of the world’s biggest virtically integrated companies for export all kind of fruits and vegetables. We are specialized at exporting fruits and vegetables since 1990 until now . Our company developed over the years by having 25 different offices all over the world.

Every day millions of people in 30 countries of the world buy our products.


Egypt - Elkady (No. 505)

Our Company is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of exporting Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Fresh Frozen Food to the global market. All year round, it provides a full, day-fresh range of fruit, and vegetables to its clients: importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, caterers and the processing industry. We are an Egyptian fresh produce exporter who specializes in the export of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables to the global market.


Egypt - EL HAWI TRADING (No. 506)

Our Company is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. We are based in Ismalia, Egypt. All year round, it provides a full, day-fresh range of fruit, and vegetables to its clients: importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, caterers and the processing industry.


Peru - Pechamasac (No. 201)

We are dedicated to the sale and commercialization of food products in fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, frozen, dehydrated, pulp, juices and nectars, as well as grains and mints in various presentations, prepared foods, seafood, spices in varieties, pasta, ground in glass containers, sachet and bulk. uWe pack according to your requirements. With our brand or own brand of the client, offering the best prices of the market minimizing the costs of your company, thus achieving a higher profitability.


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