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Fruit Line (No. 101)

If you are interested in fresh fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and coloured peppers, contact us. Fruit Line is a fruit and vegetable packaging and export company from Greece. Our company specializes in the production, packaging and the export of various premium quality vegetables and fruit, all from Crete, Greece:

Address Chania:
Asirmatos Mournies
Telephone: +30 28210 87976 – +30 28210 87176 – +30 28210 94162 – +30 28210 87810
Fax: +30 28210 92053
Address Ierapetra:
Kopanes Mirtou
Telephone: +30 28420 41000 – +30 28420 41041
Fax: +30 28420 41748

INTERGREBO guarantees the highest quality of appropriately certified products in absolute compliance with the National and European standards and legal requirements as well as, our esteemed customers’ demands. For the accomplishment of this purpose the company has developed a fully intergraded Quality Assurance system in accordance with the International IFS Standard Requirements, BRC Global Standards – Food and ISO 9001:2000. Website:

9 Gr. Karapanou Str, Arta, 47100, Greece
tel: +302681071469
fax: +302681071469
Skype: intergrebo.grImport Department
Helen Gerokomou
CEO – Import Director
Mob: +306980058318
Export Department
Dimitrio Bonos
Export Director
Mob: +306937073588
email: bonos@intergrebo.grSpyros Lardis
Regional Manager Central Europe
Mob: +306934383334
Xocommerce TEAM (No. 103)

We are cooperating only with well established, serious and famous Greek companies of the Fruits and vegetables Industry. The most important goal is to find every time the best prices and product’s quality for the sake of its clients. Contact Us.

Theodosiou Zafiraki 7, Kozani, GR 50131
+30 2461400117
+30 6945875703
Matragos Fruit S.A. (No. 104)

The Matragos Fruit S.A company, exporter of oranges, mandarins, lemons and other fruits of the Argoliko soil, is based in Koutsopodi, Argolida. The Matragos Fruit company also specializes in the export of grapes throughout Europe.

5th Klm of National Road Argos-Sternas
21200, Argos Argolidas, Greece
Tel: 0030 27510 91911
Fax: 0030 27510 91910

The company specializes in trade, import and export of fruit and vegetables since 1978. In the past years we work also in the field of fruit storage products of others.

Magoula area Corinth Greece
+30 27410 24159 – 73943 – 73944
+30 27410 72275
Customer support:
Frulantis Trading Company (No. 106)

Frulantis is located in Greece and can provide quality greek products. Frulantis offers products from first hand without intermediaries. Before buy a product, the client gets the full information on the product. It applies to qualitative characteristics, prices, delivery methods, etc. The client receives timely product samples for testing. Production is fully consistent with the specs. Our page FAQ is devoted to different themes of cooperation with us. You can contact us by e-mail, or call us. Our managers will meet you at the airport or train station, will solve all the issues with the hotel in Greece, to use your time with maximum efficiency.

Ypsilantis Korelidis
Tel: +30-6976632655
Greece (No.107)

In constant cooperation with a network of producers – members, we use properly specified and certified raw materials, according to the standard GLOBALG.A.P., achieving the production of safe agricultural products, under absolutely controlled conditions, without any remains of pesticides. All raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the packaging materials we use, fulfil the strictest specifications of the modern European and international standards. We apply control procedures and an integrated product traceability system (Product Traceability System) at every production stage, “from the farm, to your table”.

Contact Information:
43rd Km. National Road of Patras-Pyrgos
+30 26230 73124
+30 26230 71621
Greece (No.108)
Our company “Delta Spar” is located in Kavala – Chrisochori. We export fruits and vegetables for over 10 years and we specialise in kiwi and asparagus for over 20 years. We mainly export in West and Eastern Europe and Middle East and we also suply Super Market Franchises. Our main goal is to offer fresh, top quallity and certified products.
Κινητό: 6974454114
Greece (No.109)

MEDIFRESH SA was founded in 1999 in Skydra, Macedonia, Northern Greece, the main area of the Greek stone fruit production. Skydra has been the center of Greek fruit exports since the early sixties. In the regions of Pella and Imathia, within a radius of 50 km from our packing-house, the largest volume of Greek Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Peaches and Nectarines are being cultivated. In addition, supply European consumers with delicious, high quality and safe fruits from Greece, is being our absolute priority. In Jun and July Month we can supply with: CHERRIES, APRICOTS, PEACHES, NECTARINES. We have products for all seasons. For all information you need, please contact us !

Petria, 58500 Skydra, GREECE
Phone: 0030 23810 72200
Fax: 0030 23810 72127
Greece (No.110)

Our farming company produces watermelons in summer and cabbages in winter for the past 25 years, which we export to the whole European Union. We began the production of Watermelons for the Greek market in 1985. In 2001. we expanded and started to export in all countries of the European Union.

Thessaloniki – Greece
T: (0030) 2310 – 711005
M: (0030) 6974 – 296969
F: (0030) 2310 – 711005
Greece (No.111)

Touron S.A. comes from the traditional run-family company CH TOURON-M. FRANCES Co. that began its business in the area of Larissa, Central Greece in the early 60s. The original company ran one of the most sophisticated at the time, aviculture units as well as held significant orchards of a board range of cultivations, such as peaches, apples, pears and quinces.

2 Trypia & Irinis Av.
151 21 Pefki, Athens – Greece
TEL: +30 210 6120090
FAX: +30 210 6120383
Greece (No.112)

The company “GREEK FRUITS KOUTSOGIANNOPOULOS & SONS G.P.” is a family business operating in the import and export of fruits and vegetables. The company was founded in 1985 by Anthony Koutsogiannopoulos and later attended his sons Dionisios and Demetrios. Our main activity is the marketing of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, garlic, oranges, lemons, tangerines, melons, strawberries, grapes, pomegranates and more.

61st km New National Road Patras
Pyrgos, Andravida, Ilia, 27051
Phones: 0030 2623 055 200
Skype: dimitris.koutsogiannopoulos2
Email 2:
Greek Fruits
Greece (No.113)

The “AS NESTOS” managed to gain recognition in international markets with quality products by boasting excellent environmental conditions as its area is protected by the RAMSAR treaty.

5ο km. Chrysoupoli-Keramoti 64 200
25910 62140, 25910 62130, 25910 61025, 25910 61026
Greece (No.114)

Epidavros Fruit SA was established in 2009 and it is a family bussiness company, one of the biggest companies operating in the area of Argolida in packaging, distribution, marketing and export of citrus and other fresh fruit. This is certified by the national and European provisions.

Epidavros Fruit SA
21200 Skafidaki Argolidos
Tel: 00302751047184
Greece (No.115)

The company was founded in 2015. by a cartel between producers and farmers, members of the agricultural cooperative ” Atreus ” for the processing and marketing of fruits and vegetables of its members. The company exports products of its members in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and is constantly looking for new destinations and markets for fine fruits of Argolida land.

Tel-Fax (+30) 27510 77221
(+30) 6948832722 (George Dokos – President)
(+30) 6949610067 (Dimitrios Argentos – Sales Manager)
(+30) 6945100193 (Dimitrios Deves – Sales Manager)
Helmi King Fruit Logo
Greece (No.116)

CHB was established in 1955, by exporting fresh fruit, to Europe. Today, having as a main activity the processing of more than 14 fruits from the Greek land in two privately owned plants, CHB produces numerous products such as Juices, Purees, Juice Blends and Compounds, Fruit preparation, Canned Fruits, Organic products and Private Label juices. For any information, order or cooperation, please call the commercial office in Athens:

Paradissou 29 Μaroussi, 15125 Αthens, Greece
Tel / Fax: +30 210 6836860 / +30 210 6836850
CHB Βιομηχανία Επεξεργασίας Φρούτων
Greece (No.117)

Concentration, processing, conservation, packaging, circulation and trading of fresh fruit and vegetables. Production of frozen fruit and vegetables. A packaging room and cooling establishments, where it  disposes 18.000 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, mostly Peaches – Nectarines – Kiwis – Apples – Plums – Apricots etc. An 8.000 ton altering unit for the production of frozen fruit and vegetables and fruit in aseptic form.

Agricultural Cooperative MELIKI
TEL. EXCHANGE +30 23310 81001 – 81988 -81524
FAX: +30 23310 82000 – 81438
Greece (No.118)

HEL.EX.PRO is located in Skydra in the prefecture of Pella one of the most productive and scenic parts of Greece and in particular in Macedonia. With favoring harvesting conditions available all year round, we are able to produce quality fresh fruits for serving international markets.

Skydra Pellas (Toumpa Area)
Tel.: +30 23810 51920 – Fax: +30 23810 51921
Karampatakis Ioannis – Mob.: +30 6937 391113
Panagiotidis Panagiotis – Mob.: +30 6945 145387
Greece (No.119)

Alfa Vita O.E. was established in 1978 and became one of the leading export companies of Greece by handling significant quantities of fruits and always ensuring best quality.Our facilities are located in Vasilika, 25km from Thessaloniki, which is a rural area.

Patikas A. – Hatsios B. OE kraljevski
Solun – Grčka, T.K. 57.006
Greece (No.120)

“Vasia Fruits” was founded in 2014 at Ira, Argolis, by Vasiliki V. Papaioannou. The main activity of “Vasia Fruits” is to harvest and standardize fresh fruits and vegetables, distribute them to Greek and export them to European markets. Our main goal, here is to constantly supply the European markets with top quality fruits and vegetables, which are harvested from the famous plains of Argolis.

Tel: +30.2751.021021

SYNERGATIKI S.A. was established in 1989 and since that time it has resided in Chania of Crete, aiming at the benchmarking and trade of citrus under the label of CRETA STAR. In 2007. SYNERGATIKI S.A. launched the production of organic fruit in all kinds of products that it had already been producing:

Balakanakis Bros S.A. (No.Gr-116)

The main concern regarding our exports was, and still is, the satisfaction of consumers from the fresh, tasty and healthy fruits we provide. This can be achieved only by choosing the best produce of the Greek land:


ALEXANDER is a modern, private, Greek industry which since its foundation, 30 years ago, and till 2005, produced only canned fruits and commercialized its production exporting all over the world:

Alberta S.A. (No.Gr-118)

Alberta S.A. is the Greek leader in fruit processed raw materials market by a long history and rich heritage:

ASEPOP Naoussa (No.Gr-119)

The cooperation of ASEPOP Naoussa is one of the two largest co-operations in Naoussa engaging in distributing, trading and exporting agricultural products – fresh fruit like peaches PDO, cherries, apples, nectarines, pears, plums and kiwis:

Fiz El Fruit (No.Gr-120)

The company specializes in trade, import and export of fruit and vegetables since 1995.n the past years we work also in the field of fruit storage products of others:

Novatec (No.Gr-121)

Novatec is a specialized and innovative Company for post harvest solutions, engaged in research, design and supply of equipment and machinery for sorting, grading and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables:

ASPIS S.A. (No.Gr-122)

ASPIS was founded in 1970 as a family owned company. Its primary mission was to totally achieve customer satisfaction by always providing excellent product quality and service. Today, 40 years and two generations later, these values, still a central building stone to our continuous success, enabled us to become the biggest Greece-based producer of fruit juice concentrates:

Ilida (No.Gr-123)

Back to 2013. thirty two producers in the area of Nea Manolada in Ilia founded “Ilida”, a group of strawberry producers, aiming to upgrade the quality of strawberry cultivation, promote the products of the area and adjust to the new domestic and international trade environment:

Agro Fruits (No.Gr-124)

The company’s mission is to distribute high quality fresh fruits. Being absolutely dedicated to it’s mission, A & F continuously seeks and ensures reliable and permanent collaborations with selected suppliers and customers: 


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading citrus exporters in Greece, specialized in growing packing and exporting premium quality of Greek citrus fruits.

“Leventogiannis .CO” was founded by Dimitrios & Panagiotis Leventogiannis in 1987 in Athens Greece. Within a few years the company expanded its business presence across the West and Eastern Europe:

Pop Frutta (No.Gr-126)

Our company is situated in the middle of Argolis Plain the contemporary orange grove and our main occupation is the agricultural produce of our region and not only. Starting from our principal that every fruit individually is a perfect kid of nature-gift from the Gods to common people-we feel endlessly joy that our work is this offer:

SOURSOS S.A. (No.Gr-127)

The history of SOURSOS S.A. starts in 1990 and since then dynamically continues to be a strong competitor in exporting. Every year the company heavily invests in machinery and highly-trained personnel, in order to satisfy customers’ requirements and to successfully compete in the demanding market of the European Union:


The company “VASSILIS” is an immiscibly family business which was founded in the year 1978 by the two brothers Vassilis and Jacob. Thanks to our high class selection of first material and packaging of our products, we managed through the years to become one of the most notable Greek exporting units:


Our Company B. MILINIS & D MILINIS OE distributes fruits and vegetables in Greece and abroad since 1987 with headquarters and Installations in Nea Pagia Halkidiki. The company operates in the rural packing of certain agricultural products produced either by its own land either by other producers round Greece. We carefully select our producers taking in account the quality of their agricultural products:

Fruit and Vegexport (No.Gr-130)

We have grown watermelons for 15 years. The year 2010 we expanded and started exporting the watermelons ourselves. Today we export to countries such as, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and we keep on expanding in other countries:


The company “PANTAZIS FRUITS SA”, under its current form, was established in 1995. constantly investing in the provision of products of high quality specifications, through the strict organisation and the absolute control of the raw materials, it has become established in the sector of standardisation, packaging and trade of fruit and vegetables, as one of the most reliable and top companies in the international and Greek market:

Papadopoulos Fruits (No.Gr-132)

Our company runs fruit and vegetables wholesale (imports – exports – packaging). Main objective is the export of watermelons, melons, potatoes, oranges, tomatoes produced in our area, but also potato imports in certain cases:

Q-Fresh (No.Gr-133)

Q-Fresh is a premium fruit and vegetable exporter from Greece serving mainly large customers in Europe, such as wholesalers, Super Market chains and Ho.Re.Ca suppliers with high quality standards and demanding service requirements:

Danais S.A. (No.Gr-134)

Danais s.a. was founded in 1979 with main mission to produce quality products and it’s introduction on the top places of the fruit processing industries:

Kappa Fruits (No.Gr-135)

Welcome to our website. Kappa Fruits is one of the leading import export companies in Greece. As a member of KOUKOURAVAS S.A. Group, our company’s goal is to satisfy our clients by supplying them top with quality fruits from mother earth:


The company is located in Arta, one of the most fertile areas in Epirus, and it cultivates kiwifruit, oranges and mandarins in its own private area of 15 hectares. The company is involved in producing, trading and exporting fruit, primarily kiwifruit and citrus fruits:

Chris Fruits (No.Gr-137)

The company’s main activities are sorting, packaging and trading of fresh fruit and vegetables.. The company’s headquarters are in Naoussa Imathia and employs 20 administrative staff and up to 50 manual staff, depending on the season: http://chrisfruits

Protofanousis (No.Gr-138)

The Protofanousis family has been specializing in the sale of fruit since 1922. Today, the company is one of the largest exporters in Northern Greece, with an annual turnover of 22,2 million euros:

Agrofrut Hellas (No.Gr-139)

Agrofrut Hellas Vassilis Pantazis S.A. is a fruit exporting company located in West Greece. Our main products are watermelons, citrus and white dried figs. We also trade on a smaller scale with a few other products. But what we trade is not just products:

Escarcom S.A. (No.Gr-140)

Escarcom S.A. is aiming to provide to its customers products of the finest quality and taste. In order to achieve this goal, the company sources the best possible raw materials. The snails are imported alive and fresh, from the broaden area of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Greece. The fruits are collected fresh, directly from harvesting, from the farmers of the prefectures of Pella, Imathia and Corinthia, the most prestigious cherry, peach and apricot production areas throughout Greece:

Venus Growers (No.Gr-141)

The quality policy of Venus Growers is the cornerstone for achieving its objectives. All managers are responsible for ensuring the objectives while seeking continuous improvement of products and services:


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale & Distribution. The company’s products are fresh fruits and vegetables harvested daily throughout the Greek territory. For the needs of the Greek market, the company imports from many European countries (Italy, Spain, etc.) as well as from Latin America (Argentina, Chile) and Egypt:

Gefra (No.Gr-143)

Gefra was established in 1953 by a decorated WWII veteran who within a decade had become the largest citrus exporter from Greece. With the 3rd generation at the helm and the fourth well on its way, Gefra is present in most European markets, continuously reaffirming its status of preferred supplier:

European Plc. Company
European Plc. is an international marketing and research company. With presence in more than 22 countries we help importers and exporters from around the world to establish successful business relationships.
Farantaton 34, Athens – Greece
Tel.: +30 210 7481581
Fax: +30 215 5509958